I Nostri Articoli


Fabrics Our Fabrics are in Linen mixed Linen or Cotton. They're printed or painted by hand, according to tradition. Artisan utilize stamps on fabric, handcrafted on pears wood, or they create shades with brush. The colour are natural with a mix of rust flour and vinegar as base.

Olive Wood

Olive Wood The olive wood, thank to their impermeablity and to their resistance is used since ancient time for kitchen tool.

Candle and scented soap

Candle and scented soap There's nothing more pleasant and that give you a felling of pleasure like using scented candle.


We don't' believe that diamond are a woman best friend, too foregone. Who can be a woman best friend if not a wonderful bag?


Since 1300, the town of Scarperia is specialized in the making of knife. Their masterwork are, even today, the most renewed forging centre.

Household Items

The particularity and elegance of our household items in resin or wood will give that something more to your house, making your guest special and a little envious of your style.


How doesn't like feel unique and stylish? For you, always looking for rare piece to show off, we asked our artisan a series of jewellery nickel free.


Who haven't ever wished to be in front of a art work and redraw it perfectly?